1.www.wmpurse.ir is just provide service for Iranian clients of webmoney.

2.we do not provide any exchange between agains the webmoney law.

3.www.wmpurse.ir customers are responsible that their contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc) are correct. www.wmpurse.ir reserves the right to request further information even after the order has been approved in order to avoid the abuse of a bank account, credit card, etc.
4.See our fees and commissions.
5.Responsibility for management and use WebMoney account belonged to the user.

6.Anti-money laundering It is forbidden to use www.wmpurse.ir for carrying out illegal transactions, money-laundering. Using WMPURSE services the client agrees that every attempt of exchanging illegal capital will have judicial prosecution according to all the severity of law. Administration of www.wmpurse.ir will give all informations about such transactions to law machinery, administrations of payment systems and also victims of swindle whenever it is needed.

List of Codes, Rules, Procedures and Agreements regulating WM Transfer payments

You can use WM Transfer to pay your clients in compliance with the Agreement on Property Rights Transfer by Means of Digital Units that you accept when you install WM Keeper and register with the System. In addition to this information, please view the other legal documents and sample agreements.
WebMoney Transfer Code
Anti-money Laundering and Anti-financial Fraud Compliance Warning
WM Guarantors Agreements for WMZ payments
WM Guarantors Agreements for WME payments
WM Guarantors Agreements for WMU payments
Agreement on the terms of use of WM credit service
WMG Storage Agreement
To create a print version of the WebMoney Agreements , you can print and sign two copies of the appropriate sample agreement, mail them to us and we will return one signed by us.
Attention! Any WebMoney Registered User, accepting WebMoney as a payment option at his/her website, must follow the rules of the Megastock Catalogue and register a web site at the Catalogue.

Rate WMZ

  • WebMoney WMZ (USD)
  • Buy : 145000 Rials
  • Sell : 110000 Rials

Our Reserves

  • 687.100.887 RLS
    307.910.652 RLS
    800 WMZ


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  • Email  : info@wmpurse.ir
  • Working Time : 10 AM to 10 PM Every Day (GMT +3:30)

Webmoney Merchant

  • WMID : 122776593194
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