1-You can see the details of our fees and commissions below:

A: selling wmz to us:
We have a fix commissions of 10000 rls for selling below 100 wmz to us.
Other amount to sell to us does not have any fee or commissions

B:buying wmz from us:
We don’t have any commissions for buying from us,for example if you order 100wmz and pay for it we will send 100 wmz fix to your purse and the commission of 0.8% is belonging to us.

C: cancelling your order:
if you want to cancel and and apply for refunding RLS or WMZ then we will Subtract 10000 rls for return of your RLS to Iranian banks or 0.8% of wmz refunding just and just To the purse that it comes from.

Rate WMZ

  • WebMoney WMZ (USD)
  • Buy : 12700 Rials
  • Sell : 11700 Rials

Our Reserves

  • 651.398.123 RLS
    365.102.923 RLS
    5698.41 WMZ


  • Phone : +989384068106
  • WhatsApp :
  • Telegram :
  • Skype : webmoneyusd
  • Email  : info@wmpurse.ir
  • Working Time : 10 AM to 10 PM Every Day (GMT +3:30)

Webmoney Merchant

  • WMID : 122776593194
    WMZ : Z277558877180