1-What is your time working?

We work 10am to 10pm every day.(gmt +3:30)

2-what is your contact info?

You can see our contact info on our homepage on support table and you can send us email on contact page.

3-How should I purchase my order?

First of all , you should coordinate for the amount on contact page and after that you can fill the form and register your order.

4-how long does it take to purchase my order?

If you register your order in our working times ((10 am to 10 pm )) we will do less than 2 hours otherwise it will done on next day working time as soon as possible.

5-will you do the orders (buy/sell) automatically?

you can sell wmz to us automatically via our webmoney merchant but you should buy wmz from us manually .
you should coordinate all of your orders before registering by one of our contacts info.

6-can I cancel my request?

Yes-if your order hasn’t been done,you can contact us for cancelling.

7-do you have any fees for cancelling my order?

Yes.please see our fees and commissions page.

8-which Iranian bank you can pay RLS?

We work only with “saman” and “mellat” banks.

Rate WMZ

  • WebMoney WMZ (USD)
  • Buy : 145000 Rials
  • Sell : 110000 Rials

Our Reserves

  • 687.100.887 RLS
    307.910.652 RLS
    800 WMZ


  • Phone : +989384068106
  • Yahoo1 : wmpurse
  • Yahoo2 : webmoneyusd
  • Skype : webmoneyusd
  • Email  : info@wmpurse.ir
  • Working Time : 10 AM to 10 PM Every Day (GMT +3:30)

Webmoney Merchant

  • WMID : 122776593194
    WMZ : Z277558877180